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One of the most common questions I am asked by clients in divorce or paternity cases is "how much will child support be?"

Parents are concerned if the child support ordered by the court will be enough to provide for the children. Noncustodial parents are worried whether the support amount will be so high that it poses a great financial hardship.

The child support calculation can be complicated and a number of factors can change the child support amount dramatically.

I have prepared a sample child support calculation so you can see what the child support obligation and parenting time worksheets look like and hopefully begin to get some idea of what calculation of a child support order entails.

For this example, I have assumed each parent earns $500.00 per week in gross income. In this example, the father is the noncustodial parent. In this example, the father pays $25.00 per week for health insurance premiums for the children only. The amount of the health insurance premium is used to calculate a health insurance premium credit. I also have assumed the father exercises regular guideline parenting time of 96 to 100 overnights with the children each year. The number of overnight visits between the noncustodial parent and the children is used to calculate the parenting time credit.

In this example, the father, who is the noncustodial parent, would be ordered to pay $62.00 per week for child support for the two children. This child support amount includes a credit to the father of $25.00 for the health insurance premium paid for the children only and a parenting time credit of $39.21 for 96 to 100 overnight visits with the children.

Click HERE to see the Sample Child Support Obligation and Parenting Time Credit Worksheets

This sample calculation is an example only, assuming the numbers given above. Your child support calculation will be different based upon your gross income, parenting time and health insurance premiums. To get an accurate idea of child support in your case, you should consult with an Indiana divorce attorney or family law lawyer.

Indiana Child Support Guidelines

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